The Mechanics of a Bridge Loan

The Mechanics of a Bridge Loan
The Commercial Real Estate Market has a significant number of Repositioning/ Transitional properties.
With the recent positive economic indicators, investors are now more willing to risk their capital on
these types of commercial real estate investments. Also, many conventional lenders are ending loan
term extensions to properties that don’t meet bank underwriting criteria. Some of our clients are
seeking bridge loans for discounted notes, partner buyouts or opportunistic purchases that need to
close fast. When choosing a bridge lender it’s important to work with only experienced intermediaries
like Eleanor Financial who understands both the mechanics of a bridge loan and the “exit strategy
options”. When utilized correctly, a bridge loan lays the foundation for a permanent solution whether
the borrower is looking to refinance with permanent long term debt or sale/flip the asset etc. There
are numerous questions that should be addressed when assessing a bridge loan. What leverages are
being offered for this type of asset in the conventional market? What is the required conventional
borrower profile? Local Cap Rates? Market Conditions? Turnaround time for stabilization? Etc… You
can’t start working on the bridge loan’s exit strategy to early. Remember 1-2 years come around
quickly. Putting a borrower with little hope of a viable “exit strategy” at the end of the bridge loan
term is like giving them a loaded gun or “kicking the can down the road.” We are the most experienced
in the industry with this very active but tricky lending arena. We actually work with real check writers.
We warn all of our borrowers to watch out! Many are impostors in this market that will only take
upfront money with no results. With our established investor relationships, we eliminate any doubts a
client might have about a successful solution for their temporary borrowing needs. Our Investors are
really funding all property types and classes with all scenarios nationwide. -Minimum loan amounts $1
million plus- up to 80% LTC/LTV- Cash out Available-Rates: Variable: Libor + Credit Spread or Fixed:
Swap Yield + Credit Spread based on quality of property and loan characteristics, typically ranging from
5.75% to 13% – Interest only -1-3 year terms – 1 to 4 points –Nonrecourse available for loans over 3
million – 2-4 week closings.
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